Soal UTS/PTS Bahasa Inggris SMK Kelas XII Tahun 2022 + Konci Jawaban

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Soal Latihan Pilihan Ganda UTS/PTS Bahasa Inggris SMK Kelas XII Tahun 2022

A. Choose the correct answer by crossing (x) a, b, c, d or e!Receptionist : “Good morning. Can I Help you. Sir?”
Customer : “Good morning, I want to check in the hotel, can you get a room for me?”
Receptionist : “Of course Sir, What is your name?”
Customer : “ My name is Riyo”
Receptionist : “Yes, wait a few minutes”
Customer : “Okey”
Receptionist : “By the way. How long will you stay?”
Customer : “I’II stay for 3 days”
Receptionist : “OK, This is key your room is No. 155”
Customer : “Thanks”
Receptionist : “You’re welcome”

1. Where is the location of the text?
a. Canteen
b. School
c. House
d. Restorant
e. Hotel
Answer : e

2. How long will customer stay?
a. Two days
b. Three days
c. Four days
d. A week
e. Two weeks
Answer : b

3. Which is the number of Ryo’s room?
a. Room No. 154
b. Room No. 155
c. Room No. 156
d. Room No. 157
e. Room No. 158
Answer : b

Complete the dialogue to answer number 4 to 7!

Officer : “Good afternoon, (4)….”
Passenger : “Good aftermoon, I would Like to (5)….tikets for flights to Bali”
Officer : “Well, please wait a few minutes”
Passenger : “OK”
Officer : “Bye the way, (6)….”
Passenger : “Agus Hariyanto”
Officer : “This is the ticket, please. Have fun flight Mr….”
Passenger : “(7)….”
Officer : “You’re welcome”

4. a. Can I do for me
b. Can I do for you
c. Can you do for me
d. Can she do for you
e. Can he do for me
Answer : b

5. a. Booking
b. Check
c. Sell
d. Buy
e. Stay
Answer : a

6. a. Where is your house?
b. Which one do you like
c. What is your ID card number?
d. What is your name?
e. Who are you?
Answer : d

7. a. No, thanks
b. Thanks
c. I doubt you
d. It is difficult
e. I agree
Answer : b

The following dialogue is for number 8 to 10
Son : “Good morning Father….”
Father : “Morning my beloved Son….”
Son : “You look still sleepy Dad?”
Father : “Yes, I worked overtime last night”
Son : “Really!! By the way, can I do something for you Dad?”
Father : “Yes, it sound is great, Can you make a cup of coffee for me?”
Son : “OK. Dad. Wait a few minutes dad.”
Father : “Thank you”

8. Who does get tired based on the dialogue?
a. Son
b. Father
c. None of them
d. Both of them
e. Not of them
Answer : b

9. “Can I do something for you dad?”
a. Refusing an offer
b. Offering a help
c. Decline an help
d. Accepting an offer
e. Need a help
Answer : b

10. “You look still sleepy Dad?”
a. Dad wants to drink a coffee
b. Dad wants to take a bath
c. Dad still wants to sleep
d. Dad wants to go to office
e. Dad wants to take a rest
Answer : c

11. My younger brother thinks that everybody can become a teacher. He often asks himself. “What….if were a teacher?
a. Do I do
b. Will i do
c. Would I do
d. Am I doing
e. Am I going to do
Answer : a

12. I had realized that Tony was a bad driver. I….my car.
a. Would not lend him
b. Did not lend him
c. Will not led him
d. Would not have lent him
e. Had not had
Answer : d

13. If she works harder, she….her paper in time.
a. Will finish
b. Would finish
c. Has finished
d. Will be finishing
e. Will have finishing
Answer : a

14. If may car were in the better condition, I would make a long trip now.
It may be concluded that I…..
a. Have to stay at home
b. Are enjoying the trip
c. Prefer staying at home
d. Enjoyed the trip
e. Stayed at home
Answer : e

15. If there had been traffic lights at this intersection, there would not have been so many accident. We may conculude that….
a. Drivers were always careful at this intersection
b. Despite the traffic lights accident happen
c. Traffic light often doesn’t work
d. We. Didn’t find traffic light at this intersection
e. There are many traffic accident
Answer : d

16. If his mother had not been Iii, Tony would have Joined the study tour to Jakarta We cocnclude that Tony….
a. Has just come back from the study tour
b. Went to Jakarta for study tour
c. Left his sick mother at home
d. Refused to join the study tour to Jakarta
e. Went to Jakarta after her mother had recovered
Answer : d

17. If you hungry, you….take something to eat.
a. Were
b. Was
c. Are
d. Can
e. Can't
Answer : d

18. If Septia….after barbeque, Tiwi will let the guests in.
a. Will have
b. Had play
c. Will play
d. Can play
e. would have
Answer : b

19. If you had spoken English, she….understood
a. Can
b. Would have
c. Was
d. Could
e. Can't
Answer : b

20. We….swum in the sea if there had not been so many sharks there.
a. Can
b. Would have
c. Was
d. Could
e. Can't
Answer : d

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